We moved in February (2016) to the outskirts of Gastonia, North Carolina. We moved from Morgan Hill, California, a small suburb outside of San Jose. Needless to say, life is different. The best thing is that none of us are complaining. We have all loved the change, and adjusted relatively well.
We moved from a 6,000 sq ft lot in a heavy residential neighborhood to a 5.5 acre lot out in the country. Wow! I did not realize how beautiful this country is. I am humbled each day by the brilliance of color and sound. The power of nature is so readily apparent here, in calm and in storm. The area of California we lived in was heavily guarded from the power of nature, being in a valley. Even as an adult, I get scared. We took on 8 chickens and 4 ducks to start our farm. We lost one duck at 6 weeks old 🙁 And then we added two goats to our farm.
The days seem to move slow and fast, all at the same time. There is so much to do on a farm. I already had 5 kids to start this journey, so more to do is not necessarily something I was hoping for…but I don’t seem to mind it. My oldest son is away in the Military and my oldest daughter stayed in California with her dad. So here we are, Gram, my husband and I, the three littles, two goats, 3 ducks, and 8 chickens. Life is good.
We got a diagnosis yesterday for my middle son who is 9 years old tomorrow = Autism and ADHD. That was a big diagnosis, however, I had suspected for a long time. I’ve been taking him to specialist after specialist, doctor after doctor, three different schools have assessed him. Finally, we have an answer. Its a relief and its heartbreaking.
My good friend reminds me that my son is not defined by this diagnosis and that he was perfectly created by God for a specific purpose. I could not agree more. Life is good.