I am a designer by skill, education, and passion. However, I am also very passionate about Fitness and Eating Healthy. I’ve tried many different eating programs/diets – whatever you like to call them. I’ve tried many – low fat, low carb, Atkins, soup diets, Vegan, Vegetarian,  – you get the point. I’ve struggled with my weight and self-esteem most of my life. About 18 months ago, I decided to give the Paleo lifestyle a try. I cannot rave enough about the positive effects it had on my overall well-being and comfort level!

Firstly, I had always had this feeling, after eating, of being bloated, tender-stomached, sore…I started to think maybe I had some sort of stomach cancer or ovarian cancer – I had many of the symptoms. I went to several different doctors, all assuring me that I was healthy. The problem is, I didn’t feel healthy. I felt like something was wrong, I was always exhausted. I drank 3-4 cups of coffee each morning, just to feel like I could make it through my workout and then through the day ahead (with 5 kids and a full time job). I had this constant urge to eat, even when I had just eaten. I also had developed severe pain during ovulation each month – again, I was told this is a common ailment – you can take tylenol, it will lessen the pain.

After going Paleo, the very first thing I noticed (after the initial 3 days of detox – which was quite difficult) was that I had almost no pain after eating. My stomach did not feel full, gassy, or sore. I started to feel more rested when I woke up each morning. And that pain during ovulation – decreased so significantly that, now, I can rarely feel it. Wow, what a difference just changing what I was eating made! I was sold on the idea of the Paleo lifestyle and have not looked back since. I was a carb-ivore before going Paleo, in fact, that was my biggest reservation in trying the diet – I loved bread, crackers , pasta – all carbs, I loved them, could not get enough of them. But, after removing them from my diet, I have not craved them at all, I don’t even miss them – and when, on rare occasion, I feel like a cracker or something would be great – I just look in one of many cookbooks or many wonderful Paleo websites and ….there’s a Paleo recipe for that!

This is where Paleo and Design come to an intersect. You see, often the foods I want to make are available in Paleo form – sometimes, those recipes leave something to be desired. That is where my daughter and I begin to experiment and Design new recipes, beginning from another person’s base recipe. We’ve succeeded so many times, that we are both comfortable tackling most any recipe conversion.

I hope to post here in the future about recipe experiments, fitness challenges, and , of course, design challenges!