Amy Thomas

Amy Thomas

Experienced Visual Designer

Working Remote Since 2016

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AFM Journal Cover


My Contributions

  • Creative Direction
  • 3D Graphics


AFM Journal Cover – April 2020

Project Summary

The Physician-Scientist was asked to provide a cover image to represent his work. I worked with him to understand the science behind his team’s work. I then used scientific images as a basis to reproduce each element in the 3D environment.

The lab designed a macroporous collagen-based bioscaffold to facilitate transplantation of pancreatic islets.

Biggest Challenge:

The main challenge with this project was showing the interaction between the scaffold, the islets, the blood supply and the release of oxygen. Since a lot of this image is an artistic representation of the actual biological elements, I used a scan of the bioscaffold as the background to help bring  scientific accuracy back into the composition.