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Meeting Guide Booklet

Anatomy of the meeting pages

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UX Design

Graphic Design

Print and Digital Production

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Project Summary

The booklet is a go-to resource for our leadership team while they are on the go at a conference in a different country. The typical event will include a full schedule of the leadership team meeting other company execs to talk about potential relationships. In previous years, this document was a simple text document with some org charts and inserted pages with supporting data. 

Biggest Challenge:

The booklet has to be portable, often carried in the jacket pocket, so space is tight. I approached the project by considering what the busy exec would need to see at a glance to get to the next meeting. After several discussions, I opted to provide a clickable PDF, as well as the printed document. Since the event was in a different country, we could not rely on cellular/wifi for maps and directions, so I put screenshots in to help, as well as area maps, the exhibit hall maps and walking directions from place to place with estimated travel times between meetings/locations. 

The book was well received. Leadership liked how easy it was to follow and how all of the important information was put in the booklet for them. They loved the option to use it on their devices with clickable links throughout. 

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