Amy Thomas, Visual Designer

Amy Thomas | Senior Designer

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Software User Interface Redesign


My Contributions:

UI/UX Design

Figma Prototype

React.js Components

HTML/CSS Components

Project Summary

This interface was produced by the development team, using the default design of the code base. The software is unique in that it is primarily used in a dark radiology reading room where a darker interface works best. Our stakeholders felt that it looked dated and too much like the original product. I was brought in during user research, after initial development, to interpret user needs and develop an interface that was more modern and user friendly. I worked closely with the development team and the primary stakeholder.

Biggest Challenge:

There was already an interface, so the developers did not want to spend extra time re-coding the interface to make match the designed prototype. To help with their resistance, I coded the elements and sent them the source files to add to their code base. This allowed them to keep working on the functional parts of the software and helped us meet our MVP deadline. 

Additional Project Deliverables

Project Deliverables

right panel - edit
Edit Mode for the Annotations drawer
right panel - view
View mode for the Annotations drawer
Figma prototype
Figma prototype for Stella UI/UX design