Amy Thomas, Visual Designer

Amy Thomas | Senior Designer

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AAAS Journal Cover

3D Graphics

My Contributions:

3D Art & Rendering


Project Summary

A Physician-Scientist was asked to develop a cover design to represent his work, which would be the featured work of the journal. We had approximately 4 weeks to design and deliver the composition.

The Team:

As the principal designer on this project, I was worked with a Post-doctoral Fellow and the Physician-Scientist to develop the cover art.

The image depicts a representation of an implantation scaffold that contains implanted islets. The scaffold facilitates implantation and survival of the transplanted islets.

Biggest Challenge:

The biggest challenge was showing all of the science without overwhelming the cover. The Physician-Scientist really wanted the image to be scientifically accurate, however, many of these elements have not been imaged in a way that could be used in this composition. I spent a lot of time researching different representations of islet cells and the graphene scaffold to come up with materials that would be somewhat representative of the actual elements.

AAAS Journal Cover – Nov 2021