Amy Thomas, Visual Designer

Amy Thomas | Senior Designer

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Journal Cover Concept

Blood Brain Barrier

My Contributions:

3D Art & Rendering


Project Summary

The request was to put together a cover design that could be used to represent the Physician-Scientist’s work in varying journals.

I worked with the Physician-Scientist and a Postdoctoral Fellow in the lab to learn about the work and their expectations for the cover art. 

Essentially, the science shows that a nanoparticle can be injected into the bloodstream and, when focused ultrasound waves are delivered at a specific point in the body, the nanoparticles will release medication directly to the region that needs to be treated. Potentially reducing any unnecessary systemic drug ingestion.

Biggest Challenge:

The journal gave us a tight 1 week deadline to produce and deliver a composition. The Physician-Scientist wanted the image to be beautiful, attention-grabbing, and scientifically accurate (as much as possible).

Ultimately, we were not selected as the cover image. However, we were able to use the image as a featured image in news releases.