Amy Thomas, Visual Designer

Amy Thomas | Senior Designer

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Lab Website

3DQ Lab Website

My Contributions:

UI/UX Design

Web Development

WordPress Theming

Visual Design

My Contributions

  • Creative Direction
  • WordPress Design and Development
  • User Experience

Project Summary

This lab needed a web presence that spoke to the unique nature of their work – blending 3D printing and graphics with medical imagery to facilitate and improve patient care.

I worked with the lab’s executive team to build on an existing site. Our primary goal was to update the look and feel so that it stood out from all the other websites at Stanford.

Biggest Challenge:

Our biggest challenge was showing the capabilities of the lab without overwhelming the user with visual input. The lab is a complex entity that offers many services to many different user types. Our goal was to design something simple that let the 3D prints speak for themselves, while still delivering the necessary information to any interested parties.

Additional Project Deliverables